SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services

SUBARU Starlink Connected Services

SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services1 is an in-vehicle technology system that connects your Subaru to the world around you, bringing added safety and convenience to every drive. Utilizing an on-board wireless network and linked to the MySubaru App via your smartphone, the system lets you know what’s going on with your vehicle at all times, allows you to share that information with SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services representatives and helps you experience peace of mind like never before. SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services are available on 2021 Ascent, Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy and Outback.



Take control of your Subaru using SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services and the MySubaru App. With your smartphone, you can access the Remote Engine Start with Climate Control feature, lock or unlock the doors, and locate your vehicle. You can set vehicle alerts for when a driver leaves a designated area, exceeds the speed limit or breaks a curfew. You can also check vehicle health reports, maintenance and diagnostics information, and readouts such as the fuel level or odometer reading.

Remote Engine Start with Climate Control

Enjoy the convenience of remotely starting your vehicle and adjusting the ambient temperature2, of the passenger cabin through the MySubaru App on your mobile device. With this feature, your journey will be comfortable from start to finish.

Remote Services

Through the MySubaru mobile app, you can activate various vehicle features remotely, including Remote Engine Start, Remote Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn and Lights and Remote Vehicle Locator.

Vehicle Health

Through the portal and the MySubaru mobile app, you can access vehicle diagnostics information, such as the remaining fuel range, odometer reading, general vehicle condition and more.

Maintenance Notifications

When your vehicle requires maintenance, you will be notified via MySubaru to help ensure that your Subaru receives the proper care at the proper time.

Enhanced Service Appointment Scheduler

Book your next service appointment for your vehicle at your preferred Subaru dealer3. This same information is also available for viewing on and the MySubaru mobile app.

Vehicle Alerts

Through either or the MySubaru mobile app, you can set up alerts to manage how your Subaru is used by various drivers. There are three types of alerts that monitor where your Subaru is being driven (boundary alerts), how fast it’s being driven (speed alerts), and what time of day or night it’s being driven (curfew alerts). If any of these alerts are triggered, you receive an immediate notification on your mobile device.

Diagnostic Alerts

If a check engine light or warning light appears on the instrument panel of your Subaru vehicle, you’ll automatically receive a notification via e-mail, text or the MySubaru mobile app. This alert will explain what the light means and how soon you should schedule a service appointment.

Points of Interest

Send Points of Interests as well as destinations to your vehicle’s navigation system (if equipped) from either or the MySubaru App. Save up to 50 favourite destination and 10 trips right on your MySubaru account.


Safety is at the very core of SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services. If an airbag deploys, Automatic Collision Notification alerts a SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative, who can then communicate to you through the vehicle speaker system and send assistance, if required. The red “SOS” button in the overhead console also connects you to a SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative and sends your precise location to emergency services personnel.

Advanced Automatic Collision Notification

Upon receiving the Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, a SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative will attempt to establish voice communication with the vehicle occupants and alert the appropriate first responders. A SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative will respond promptly, 24/7/365 via the vehicle’s SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services system to determine the nature of the emergency and provide support and the peace of mind you’ve come to expect from Subaru.

SOS Emergency Assistance

No matter where you may be in Canada or the US, pressing the red “SOS” button in the overhead console automatically connects you to your SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative. The advisor can then send emergency assistance to your precise location4.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Press the blue “i” button on the overhead console of your Subaru vehicle for all non-emergency roadside assistance requests. Roadside assistance will be sent to your precise location via GPS5.



To better guard your Subaru in the event of theft, SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services includes Vehicle Security Alarm Notification and Stolen Vehicle Recovery with Immobilizer. The system utilizes GPS tracking and a SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative works directly with police services to reunite you with your Subaru as quickly as possible.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Once the Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service has been initiated, local law enforcement can request to immobilize the vehicle. The next time someone tries to turn on your Subaru, it will not start.

Vehicle Security Alarm Notification

If the security alarm on your vehicle is triggered, SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services sends you an alert automatically.


The SUBARU STARLINK® Concierge is like an on-the-fly personal assistant. This feature provides call centre support to assist with scheduling service appointments and relaying directions to your vehicle navigation system (if equipped). The days of being stranded in an unfamiliar place looking for a restaurant or Subaru dealer are officially over.

Connected Services Concierge

SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Concierge

SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Concierge is like an on-the-fly personal assistant. It brings you real-time assistance; all while you’re in your Subaru. Your SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services Representative can also help you search for points of interest, send directions to your vehicle navigation system and schedule service appointments at your authorized Subaru dealer—all with the touch of a button.

My Subaru

MySubaru App

Get the full capabilities of MySubaru right on your mobile phone with the MySubaru App.

1 Activation with subscription required. See your authorized Subaru Canada dealer for details.
2 Available on specific model trims with CVT.
3 Participating Subaru Canada dealers only.
4 Cellular coverage may vary depending on your location.
5 Any shelter or canopy cover may interfere with GPS reception.